Weaving the Light: Bamboo Light Fixture as an Experiential Art

We love exploring different forms of art in designing. We’re not afraid to play with the juxtaposition of different styles and techniques. This year, our compass leads to sustainability in design. Come along!

When it comes to our new collection, the bamboo light fixture is definitely something that is grounded both in sustainability and experience: a different form of art that we have enjoyed exploring so much. When we first thought of our new collection, Cesar Ocampo, bamboo architect and local artisan, shared some key takeaways about creating bamboo light fixtures for the past four years. He calls it “experiential art” that is more cost-effective, sustainable, and overall a great investment in the long run. As a natural material that can be harvested in one to two years’ time, bamboo is renewable and creates a lesser carbon footprint. It is also locally produced and easy to install and maintain.

Speaking both from his and the clients’ perspectives, the bamboo light fixture invokes an experience of a distinct softness and ambience of light. The craft being art itself, makes the clients feel like they are basking in a warm, natural lustre plucked out of sunlight— a gentler one at that.

We offer a range of bamboo light fixture designs. Each of our bamboo light fixtures reflects our organic and tactile collection of natural lighting.

Bali Lamp, Geneve Lamp, Peru Lamp

Exploring the art of designing is extra fun if it’s also geared towards a certain compass, no? Thanks for coming along with us on this little adventure about weaving the light through the craft of bamboo light fixtures. ‘Til next time?